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Directory of Archives helps focus your record search

Want to know where to look for native records in BC? How about finding out which church archives are available for research and where? Wonder no more.

There is a wonderful reference that helps focus your resource possibilities. It is called the Directory of Archives, published by the Canadian Council of Archives in Ottawa. It lists all the archives of all member institutions across Canada and it is an invaluable resource for those researching their Canadian roots.

What information can you expect to find? Divided by province, there is a list of archives, their address, hours of operation and contact information (including emails where applicable). There is a breakdown of each collection including the dates and types of materials they hold in their collection. The listed archives include churches, parishes, provinces, towns/cities, universities, museums, professions (everything from law to ballet dancing), cultural and ethnic centres, art galleries, schools, hospitals, and the list goes on.

Copies of the Directory of Archives can be viewed at most libraries and archives across Canada, and some in the U.S. You can obtain a personal copy from the Canadian Council of ARchives at West Memorial Building, Room 1009, 344 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N3. It is 442 pages and costs $15.00. They have many other great publications. Call them at (613) 995-0210 or fax (613) 947-6662 for more information.


This article appeared in the November 1997 issue of Hot Chocolate.

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