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Welcome to the Genealogy Lookup service from Genealogy Today. In the course of developing our databases, occasionally we acquire rare or out-of-print books that are too large to quickly transcribe. These resources are available to our visitors upon request through this free lookup service. Many of these books contain birth, marriage and death records, while others have volumes of biographical sketches.

Genealogy Lookups Available

For additional resources, check out the Free Genealogy Data section of our web site.

Guidelines for Requesting a Free Lookup

Most of the lookup resources in our collection have online indices, however, when a particular book is not indexed, you may request a lookup by email.

  1. ONLY request lookups from the items listed on the pages below.
  2. No more than two (2) requests are allowed per day.
  3. Fill out the lookup request form completely.
  4. Requests without a first name will NOT be answered.
  5. Lookup requests are answered in the order they are received.
  6. Your look up request will be answered by e-mail.
  7. Add to your SPAM filter bypass list*.

*Due to the volume of look ups, we may NOT be able to respond to automated bypass requests. You are expected to add the email address (listed above) in order to receive lookup results.

ORIGINAL COPIES of these books are owned by Genealogy Today LLC. We only offer lookups (and publish transcribed data) when we possess a copy of the original information so that we are always able to verify the information first-hand from the source.

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