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As they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words," and that is absolutely true for family historians. So many memories can be stirred with just a glance at an old photo. On many occasions I've had personal research breakthroughs when I was able to get the right photo in front of the relative who could identify the person(s) pictured.

In her article, Copying Priceless Photos Yourself, Christine Reed explains the different methods you can approach to preserving old photos and states, "whatever method you use, reproducing old photographs preserves a bit of history. These photographs tell us a story of where we came from and the people who helped make us what we are."

Kip Sperry adds, "photographs can provide researchers with a window to the past. Looking at family photographs will remind you that your ancestors were real people," in his article, Identifying and Preserving Family Photos

Many of the resources we transcribe include photos of the people mentioned, and we've included them in our databases. We've created this index to search across our own data, along with some sites with identified photo collections.

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Identifying Family Photographs

In his article, Identifying Family Photographs, George Morgan says, "If you're successful in identifying the family photographs, you will have the satisfaction of building a more complete collection of family information. Linking a photographic image of your great-grandmother with the name and facts you've collection can be a tremendously exciting experience."

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