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Searching for Bob Varley

Bob Varley
Posted by aucklady
Posted: June 26, 2002
The Missing Persons Register
if any one knows of a bob varley or robert varley he was in the army in auckland for quite a few years he was married with two children a boy and a girl and they use to live in auckland then they split up he moved down to bulls and was at the army base down there then the last i heard of him he moved to christchurch he has a brother who lives there im not sure if he stayed with the army or left and worked some where else his daughters name is angla not sure what his sons name is. If u know of this person or u are this person please contact me as soon as possible. Age (approximate): 48 Last seen: bulls Bulls (Category: Friends)
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Re: Bob Varley
Posted by corfield13
Posted: 12:12am October 27, 2015
Hello did you manage to contact uncle Robert please reply he passed away reasontlyl
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If this is NOT the BOB VARLEY that you're looking for, then create a new query for BOB VARLEY


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