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Searching for Frank W. Cushing

Frank W. Cushing
Posted by Sebastian1
Posted: February 5, 2003
The Missing Persons Register
His full name is Francis Wallace Cushing III. He is six feet tall, blonde, very handsome. We met in Portsmouth,Va. in 1975. He was in the Navy and serving on the USS America. The last time i saw him was Feb. 1976. He said he had been out of the navy for some time. About a year later he wrote to me from Racine, Wisconsin. If i had known it was this easy to search for someone, i would have started this many years ago. In the beginning, when Frank and I parted our ways, i gave up real easy, because i could tell that i had hurt him terribly. I will be forever sorry about that. because i truly loved him. It has become extremely necessary for us to be in contact with each other. If you are reading this Frank. you don't have to see me, but i desparately need some information from you that concerns a medical emergency. (Category: Missing Pers)
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