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Searching for Andrew Collins

Andrew Collins
Posted by Tammylyn1
Posted: December 15, 2001
The Missing Persons Register
I am looking for my birth father. His full name is Andrew Collins, but goes by the nickname of Junior. He was born in Hazard, Kentucky in 1945. The last known place of employment was with Emerald Valley Country Club in Lorain, Ohio. He would be 56 years of age right now. He was married to my mother in the early 1960's and I was born on October 15, 1966. At the time I was born he was 21 years old and I was told he was drafted into the Army to go to Vietnam. This is very important to me to find him, I have actually never seen or spoke to him. All I have is a picture that was taken 5 months before I was born of him and mother together. (Category: Missing Pers)
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If this is NOT the ANDREW COLLINS that you're looking for, then create a new query for ANDREW COLLINS


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