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Joseph Conway
Posted by sailmakerx1
Posted: 2:45pm April 30, 2013
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wife Martha. daughters, Nell, May, Eliza Brothers Jim and ? I know my mums grandfather used to be a Jockey, and also she used to go to the curragh with him to watch the racing, and there was a person she remembered the Agha Khan i think she said it was. her grandfather murt fell at Beechers Brook at the Manchester Races. and died. But her father Joseph Conway was in the Boer War. and when he returned mum said, He was the forerunner of an small army that was begun in Dunlavin, he was also a crack shot... and that her mother Martha used to have many people go to their house for example the everly brothers, v.doonican etc., i often wondered if the family played a lot of music. i have her fathers flute here. . can anyone help me with more info and espeially about starting an army, it all soundes so interesting and intriguing
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