Summer 2001

Genealogy Times

Summer 2001, Volume 1, No. 2


  • The Bounty of War
  • Those Ever Changing Places
  • Boundary Changes and Place Names
  • Val's Vision
  • What's in a State Name, Anyway?
  • Ohio-Michigan Boundary Dispute

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    The Bounty of War

    Excerpt: By the time of the Revolutionary War, the practice of awarding bounty land as an inducement for enlisting in the military forces had become a long-standing practice in the British Empire in North America. Besides imperial bounty land grants, colonial and municipal governments had routinely compensated participants and victims of military conflicts with land. Defined, a land bounty is a grant of land from a government to repay citizens for the risks and hardships they endured in the service of their country, usually in a military related capacity.

    Those Ever Changing Places

    Excerpt: My maternal grandmother is of Latvian descent - the OLD Latvia that is - and this photo is a map of the country before World War II, when it was overrun by the Soviet Union. Latvia, along with its neighbors Estonia and Lithuania (collectively called the Baltic States), had been independent before the war in 1918, but would not be again until 1991 when it would have its borders restored.

    Boundary Changes and Place Names

    by Kyle J. Betit

    Excerpt: Keeping track of name changes and boundary changes in your research can be a particular challenge. For example, prior to its incorporation in 1834, Toronto, Ontario, was known as York. In the United States, New York was originally called New Netherland by its Dutch founders, and New York City originally New Amsterdam. Queenstown, the port from which millions of Irish emigrants departed in the nineteenth century, is now called Cobh. Leningrad, the northern Russian seaport, has returned to its pre-revolution name, St. Petersburg.

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    Kyle J. Betit is an author and lecturer residing in Salt Lake City where he is a senior genealogist specializing in European on-site research at ProGenealogists. Kyle is co-author with Dwight A. Radford of the 2001 work A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Irish Ancestors, published by Betterway Books. He is Leader of the American Department on-line genealogy courses of the University of Toronto / National Institute for Genealogical Studies (

    Val's Vision

    by Val Laferriere

    Excerpt: There are very few Canadians that can trace their family history back to Colonial times in New France. Both my husband and I have one of those rare family genealogies that date back to pre-Confederation.

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    What's in a State Name, Anyway?

    The Ohio-Michigan Boundary Line Dispute

    by Tod B. Galloway

    Excerpt: In the examination of the questions involved in the Ohio-Michigan boundary dispute, I find myself very much in the position of the Justice of the Peace, who, after hearing the plaintiff's side of the case, was ready to decide in his favor; but upon the defendant having presented his argument, he exclaimed, "You mix me up so, I don't know which way to decide."

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