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Selling Your Name and E-mail

The Family Tree House Web site claims that it is "the Association for FamilyTree Enrollment and Registry." The home page says, "This site offers free family tree software and links to key genealogy sites. The software is available online. You can build your FamilyTree House in real time, no downloading is required."

"Membership in AFTER is free, and qualifies you for group rate discounts on travel, health care and other family-oriented products and services. Several group rate insurance programs are available for you, your spouse and your children." They immediately start trying to sell you insurance and other illicitly primed products, and the information you submit, gets sold to others doing the same thing. (Source: Genealogy Hall of Shame - "You Are For Sale")

After they collect personal information from you and your other family members, the owners of Family Tree House apparently package the information and sell it to other companies that send junk mail or spam e-mails. An online Web advertisement said that the file contains listings for 33,600 people who have left personal information on the Family Tree House site. (Source: Dick Eastman Online - October 31, 1998 issue)

From the registration page on their website: "We will occasionally share your email address with affiliated companies to allow them to send email offers."

FamilyTree House
342 Madison Ave Suite 2017
New York, NY 10017


This site has no detectable privacy policy, and while they clearly state they will "share" your information, there is no option to opt-out. The address listed for the FamilyTree House domain name is the same as a company known as the Independence Insurance Service Corp.

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