Special Collections

Business Cards Business Cards
Find career information like the name of employer and title of the position held. This database includes many business cards from the RAILROAD industry. Search to see if any of your ancestors left behind a calling card!
Salt Lists Civil War Salt Lists
These list the heads of households, the number of children and how much was given to each. Women were also noted as widows when their husbands made the ultimate sacrifice for the Confederacy.
Criminal Records Criminal Records ($)
A collection of original mug shots and wanted posters that provide interesting facts like occupation, age, place of birth, residence, and the crime they committed.
Funeral Cards Funeral Cards
A searchable index of funeral cards (a.k.a mourning or remembrance cards) that provide clues like death date and name of the funeral home -- many include images.
Order of Heptasophs Improved Order of Heptasophs ($)
A secret fraternal order in existence between 1878 and 1917 with over 600,000 members at its peak.
Local Histories Margaret Holland Collection
Margaret's research centered on the town and surrounding areas of Bethel, Alaska, where she lived until she was 12.
Navy Seaman Navy Pension Fund Records ($)
Information indexed from various annual reports, includes name, rank, pension amount and where disabled. Also covers widows and orphans.
Mystic Shrine Nobles of the Mystic Shrine ($)
Rosters from North American temples of A. A. O. N. M. S., which was established in America in the 1870's.
Soldiers' Orphan Schools Pennsylvania Soldiers' Orphan Schools ($)
Records from annual reports that contain detailed information about the orphans at each of the schools.
Petitions for Naturalization Petitions for Naturalization
Index of 507,000 naturalization petitions -- second or final papers -- which were filed after the applicant had met the necessary requirements of citizenship and residency.
Potter Profiles Potter Profiles
A series of surname booklets compiled over the last decade, each averaging 50 pages, fully indexed, now available online in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.
Railroad Employees Railroad Employees ($)
American railways have been in operation since 1826, and researchers often want to know if their ancestors played a role in its development. Search compiled information from various sources.
Ration Books Ration Books
Food rationing was instituted in 1942, and each family member was issued books by the Office of Price Administration (OPA). Search the largest online WW2 ration book index -- includes images.
Pension Files Revolutionary War Pension Files
Index of 80,000 pension and bounty-land warrant application files based on the participation of American military, naval, and marine officers and enlisted men in the Revolutionary War.

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