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Tools to aid the beginning researcher in this very addictive hobby

Not sure what that disease is that Great Grandpa Matherly died of? You say Great Grandpa Lyon was a Shrieve? Look it up here!

We've compiled a variety of resources into a single searchable database to make it easier for genealogists to get a quick answer. Need to know what FHC stands for? Or what GEDcom file is? Just type in the word you are looking for and let our search tool do the work for you. Or if you'd like, pick a category and just browse through the listings.

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The information contained in the Genealogy Knowledgebase was compiled from various sources, and all listings are either part of the public domain, or used with permission from the list compilers. Below are some of the contributions currently available for searching.

  • "A List of Occupations" prepared by John J. Lacombe, II
    © 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
  • "Old World Diseases" by Genealogy Lady
    © 1997
  • "Glossary of Genealogical Terms" by Dee Pavey
    © 1998, 2000


If there is a term that you cannot find and would like us to investigate it, or if you have a list of terms you would like to add to the knowledgebase, drop us a note.

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