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August 2000

Help! I'm Lost!
In This Issue
I.    What's New at Help! I'm Lost!
II.   Reviews
III.  Best Sites for genealogists
IV.   Building Your Personal Library
V.    Civil War - Interesting Facts
VI.   Special Notes
I.  What's New at Help! I'm Lost!
The following sites have been reviewed at Help! I'm Lost! These reviews can be found here: - Post your queries here! - find out what's new with the world of genealogy.
Genealogy Portal
Obit Central - all obits, all the time!
Kentuckiana Genealogy - searching in Indiana or Kentucky?  Try this one!
Have you reviewed a genealogical website?  Do you think you can write a brief 
review?  Submit it to us and we may use it!  You will receive full credit for 
your review.  Take a look at the reviews located on the main page at 
Help! I'm Lost!
If you would like to submit a review, e-mail it to
II.  More Reviews
US Biographies Project
This project, which was created by Jeff Murphy in 1997, is now 
coordinated by Deb Murray.  This project is going places.  There are still 
many states and counties in need of adoption, but there are many states with 
an overwhelming amount of biographies on-line, including Kentucky and Indiana.
Genealogy Shelf
This site offers a newsletter, family queries and links.
Genealogy Friends
This site offers free e-mail accounts, books for sale and a query forum.
III.  Best Sites For Genealogists
The below sites are those our panel of judges have chosen as the best sites of the
month for beginning genealogists, or those who are new to the internet.  The sites
we list below have been reviewed in the past month, and we ask that you visit them 
again, because we feel they deserve a second (and third) visit!  These are in 
alphabetical order, not order of importance.
Emigration/Ship Lists and Resources
Many passanger lists available here! This is a must visit site for looking for 
immigrant ancestors
This site looks promising, although there isn't very much there yet. Post your 
queries for your family puzzle. Worth a visit and a posting of your query!
This site covers the news that is important to genealogy research. A few 
informative articles. Worth a bookmark! 
GenRoots Easy Site Creator
I love this one!  If you can't create a webpage, you can still have great-great grandpa's
information on-line in minutes!  Isn't great to have a website link to be able to post
with your queries!
GenRoots - It's All About Surnames
This site grows almost daily with an average of 20-40 surnames added! Be sure and check 
this site out first for your surname! This site receives many hits daily, and your 
cousin could be the next to surf this site!
Kentuckiana Genealogy
This site is a wonderful resource for anyone researching Kentucky or Indiana. There are 
many records, including births, marriages, deaths, obits, census, cemeteries and much 
more. Be sure and check out the message boards, as this is where the majority of the data 
is located, including in each county section.
This site contains links to other sites, a query section, family data, beginner 
information and more. From the site: "a major genealogy reference library and resource 
center built and maintained by professional genealogists who understand the needs of 
beginning researchers and experienced family historians." 
IV.  Building Your Personal Library
Before deciding to build a personal library of genealogy books, microfilm, 
microfiche, CD's, etc. you must first decide which areas are of greatest importance
to you and your research.  Once you have decided that, say, Indiana, is top on 
your list, then decide which counties in Indiana.  Also, you must ask yourself, "Will
those land records really help, or should I just request a few look-ups, then go 
from there?"  Some books will be looked at once, then never opened again, or that CD will
be opened in your pc one time, never to be viewed again.  The reason is that many items will
sound wonderful, then you'll find that you need to purchase something else to get more 
information.  One perfect example of this vicious circle is the Family Tree Maker CD's.  
None of us here at Help! I'm Lost!  have purchased these CD's, for the simple reason that
we have been warned by many.  You buy one CD, then it tells you there is more information on
two other CD's, you purchase those two CD's only to find that there is more information on
another CD, etc., etc.  Our understanding is that FamilyTree Maker is a good resource for
some people, but I'm not rich, I can't afford to buy 3 or more CD's every month.
Below are some great resources for building your personal library.
Heritage Quest
Heritage Quest is an excellent resource for building your library.  There are many books, 
microfilm, microfiche and CD titles available.  They are working on placing the entire US
census records on CD in an image format so that you may see the actual census, not just an index!
Dee Pavey, President and founder of Kentuckiana Genealogy, Inc. has this to say: "We at Kentuckiana are building our
personal library through Heritage Quest.  We love the ease of ordering, and especially the 
low prices.  With a membership, we recieve a discount on every order of atleast 10%, which makes
it very affordable for our non-profit organization."
Kentuckiana Genealogy Bookstore
If you're looking for books in Kentucky or Indiana, try this site.  They have many great
items listed, in cooperation with Barnes & Noble.
V.  Civil War - Interesting Facts
The Civil War was the first war in which:
1.  Railroads were used for movement of military supplies and large bodies of troops. 
2.  Aerial reconnaissance was first effectively used from anchored balloons in military 
3.  The electric telegraph was used in the control of military operations and in the 
control of directions of troops in battle. 
4.  A multi-manned submarine sank a surface vessel. 
5.  Naval torpedoes were widely used. 
6.  Medical care of the wounded was organized. 
7.  people, sites and battles were photographed. 
8.  Voting by soldiers and sailors in service was provided for by national laws. 
9.  Rifled artillery came into general use. 
10. Mobile railroad artillery was used. 
11. The Medal of Honor was awarded. 
VI.  Special Notes
All researchers who have been on-line a while know how frustrating it can be to be the new
researcher, whether new to the internet, or a brand new genealogist.  This large world can
be very frustrating.  If you know of a site that has helped you, please let us know about it.
Please be sure and visit our site daily.  Although our site is a *Monthly* magazine, we do update 
almost daily.  Our major changes occur monthly, but we are constantly adding new information
to the site.
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