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September 2000

Help! I'm Lost!
In This Issue
I. What's New at Help! I'm Lost!
II. Reviews
III. Best Sites for genealogists
IV. Social Security History
V. Hit A Brick Wall?
VI. Special Notes
I. What's New at Help! I'm Lost!
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II. Current Reviews
The following sites have been reviewed at Help! I'm Lost! These reviews can be found here:
Discrepancy Charts - Organizing the Inconclusive
How To Get Past Genealogy Road Blocks
Dee's Guide to Research in Kentuckiana
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Help! I'm Lost!
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III. Best Sites For Genealogists
The below sites are those our panel of judges have chosen as the best sites of the 
month for beginning genealogists, or those who are new to the internet. The sites we list 
below have been chosen because they fit into a our current topic of *Brickwalls* and because
they appear to be extremely useful to the researcher.
Lessons in Genealogy
This site will show you step-by-step how to research your family history. There are over 
60 pages in 6 lessons. 
Finding a Marriage Date
This site will show you several different ways to find a marriage date. Take a look and 
see if it helps you too!
This site contains a query section, information about irc chat and more to help those of 
us researching our Native American ancestors.
IV. Social Security History and Tidbits
***Note: the html version of the below article can be found here:
Social Security was signed into law on August 14, 1935 by President Roosevelt. Social 
Security was to "frame a law which will give some measure of protection to the average 
citizen and to his family against the loss of a job and against poverty-ridden old age" 
President Roosevelt, 1935
Some interesting information on Social Security, the Act, and the numbers; 
The lowest number given was to Grace D. Owen. Click the link to read a very interesting 
How about misused SSN's? The most interesting story I've ever heard is about the number 
issued by Woolworth's.
The Social Security Numbering Scheme.
The first recorded applicant for a lump sum payment was Ernest Ackerman, who retired 
only one day after the Social Security program began. For his nickel put into Social 
Security, he received a lump sum payment of seventeen cents. The lowest payment made 
was only five cents! 
Payment of monthly benefits began in January 1940. The first monthly retirement check 
was issued to Ida May Fuller.
Did you know that a program, similar to Social Security, was first thought of by a 
revolutionary war soldier in 1795? Read the first quote at Additional Quotations.
Take the Social Security Quiz.

Picture Slider puzzles of figures from Social Security History
V. Hit a Brick Wall?
If you find yourself stuck and at a dead end in your genealogical research you're not 
alone. Everyone who has ever attempted to research their family tree has hit the proverbial 
brick wall at some point in their search, and some of us many times with different family
Below is the first tip to help you when it seems there is no where left to look.
-----Researching Siblings-----
Many of us do very little research on the siblings of our ancestors aside from name, date of
birth and spouse. This is a big mistake! Here is an example: You're researching Sarah and
Joel Lyon, who are your ancestors through their daughter Hattie. You have been trying to find
the maiden name of Hattie's mother Sarah for years. In those many years and countless hours 
of searching, you have been unable to find anything on Sarah's family. Staring blindly at
your family group sheet for Sarah and Joel Lyon, with the blank lines where her maiden name and 
parents should be listed, you glance to the children. You decide to take a stab in the dark
and check into Hattie's sister Fanny. You know that Fanny Lyon married Ira Borden, and you know 
when and where, but that is all you know. You search for any research done on the Borden family
and find a few Borden Family Genealogy books. You request a look-up in each of these. After a
couple days waiting for a response...EUREKA! Tucked away on page 253 of one of those books it 
is listed: "Ira Borden married Fannie Lyon, daughter of Joel Alonzo and Sarah Jeanette 
(Leavenworth) Lyon." Then you find that there was a complete history already completed on the 
Leavenworth family, extending your lines back to mid-1600's in England! It took only a couple 
days by going through the siblings to find what was taking years. If you ever realize that 
your research is at a standstill, that the information just isn't there, try going to the 
siblings. They may hold the key to finding your roots!
Tip #2 coming next month!
VI. Special Notes
All researchers who have been on-line a while know how frustrating it can be to be the new 
researcher, whether new to the internet, or a brand new genealogist. This large world can 
be very frustrating. If you know of a site that has helped you, please let us know about 
Please be sure and visit our site daily. Although our site is a *Monthly* e-zine, we do 
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