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Share Your Genealogy

There are many ways you could share your genealogy. Here are a few...

Is sharing my information safe? Will it possibly be sold at a later date by the person I submit it to? I don't want someone making a fortune off my hard work! Well, no and maybe.

The sites we list here (on this page only) have made promises, either in person or on their website, that the information submitted to them will never be sold or a membership fee be charged to view it.

Website Creation

  • GenRoots Easy Site Creator - This is for those of us who know little or nothing about creating a website. You can create one using this handy tool, then list it on all the search engines, and at GenRoots - It's All About Surnames

  • Cyndi's Homepage Construction Kit - I only recommend this site to those who know how to create a webpage, or who are willing to pay someone else to make it for them.

  • - I recommend this site to anyone who wants to keep in touch with cousins, and share their information. No html knowledge is needed here, and there are many ways for everyone in the family to chip in their own bit of information.

    Submit Your Information

  • GenRoots - This site is growing daily, and is a free site to all visitors, and pledges that it will always remain free to all researchers. Your information is very safe here.

  • ALHN - American Local History Network - This site says they have genealogical data too, but I have seen mostly links to other sites. They request submissions of your data, and it looks like they could use it. :-)

    There are some large groups on-line who have not made that promise, and those are the ones to stay away from. This doesn't stop someone else from going to these sites listed and copying the information. This would be a violation of copyright, which is against US copyright laws.

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