Genealogy, Climbing Your Family Tree

Climbing Your Family Tree Lessons

Contents of Genealogy 1

  • Lesson One - Beginning the Ancestral Quest; learning terminology and establishing research goals; charts and forms; beginning evaluation; organization

  • Lesson Two - Researching; type of sources; working with home sources; traditions; interviewing relatives; family relationships; correspondence and queries; documentation; publications and periodicals

  • Lesson Three - Home Source Sleuthing; types of home sources; bibles and books; letters and certificates; photographs; odds and ends; originals and derivatives

  • Lesson Four - Library Research; on-site research; computer catalogues; interlibrary loan; Family History Library and Family History Centers; printed records; newspapers; directories and maps; tips for library research

  • Lesson Five - Twentieth Century Records; Social Security Death Index; immigration records; FBI records; directories; educational records; family histories; finding living relatives; medical records and DNA

  • Extras - Getting Over the Brick Wall; Family Legends; Dating Photographs; Social Security Number Allocations

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    Contents of Genealogy 2

  • Lesson One - Motivation, Evaluation and Action; motivational ideas; sources and methods; evaluation techniques; project plans; networking

  • Lesson Two (two parts) - Census Research; comparison of census years and data; evaluating and using census information; names and handwriting

  • Lesson Three (two parts) - Researching Military Records; wars; location and types of records; utilizing military records; clues within pension files

  • Lesson Four - Courthouse and Institutional Research #1; vital records; probate records; guardianships; adoption research; cemetery and mortuary research

  • Lesson Five - Courthouse and Institutional Research #2; court records; federal court records; land records; tax records; naturalizations

  • Extras - Did You Know?; Military Glossary; Chronology of War; Census Birth Years; National Archives and Regional offices; Price Schedule for the National Archives; Vital Records on Internet; Vital Statistic Dates on State Level; Legal Ages

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    Contents of Genealogy 3

  • Lesson One - Migrations 1 - Early Migrations; understanding immigrants, emigrants and migrations; early migrations to America; colonial migrations

  • Lesson Two - Migrations 2 - Westward Expansion; state migrations; colonizations and ethnic settlements; records created by migration

  • Lesson Three - Religious Research; major US religions; location of religious repositories; utilizing religious records

  • Lesson Four - Ethnic and Foreign Research; ethnic ancestry; Black and American Indian research; locating the ancestral home; migration groups and locations; passenger lists

  • Lesson Five - Evaluation and Case Studies; family traditions; evaluations, assumptions and proof; documenting the case; evaluation and preparation for a case study

  • Extras - The Calendar; Genealogical Vendors & Publishers; Biggie Books; Continuing Education; Kidıs Genealogy

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    Contents of Genealogy 4

  • Lesson One - Computing Your Genealogy; learning about the computer; basic terms; functionality of the computer, genealogy applications and options; GEDCOM and sharing; documentation/ charts/logs; lap top computers and scanners

  • Lesson Two - The Research Begins; preparing a research profile and synopsis; validity of electronic data; computer skills and shortcuts; browsers, bookmarks and backups; viruses and hackers; privacy, spams and sharing

  • Lesson Three - Exchange & Sharing on internet; terms; shortcuts and tips; communicating through e-mail; using the research profile; mailing lists; archived lists; e-zines, queries and forums; message boards

  • Lesson Four - Databases and Resources; search engines; FamilySearch, non-subscription databases; subscription databases; transcribed resources

  • Lesson Five - Digging Deeper on Internet; special projects; large and larger web sites; regional, national and local genealogical data; digitized images; library catalogs; personal web pages; non-genealogy web pages

  • Extras - Direct Links to Genealogical Web Pages

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