Organizing the Past


For when you wake-up one day and notice you have a large "Family Mound" instead of a well-pruned Tree!

Before you started researching your own genealogy, did you ever imagine there could be so much information out there about your own family?

The Paper Tree
That's right, before you even install one of the popular software packages, you should be writing down the information.

Clues & Correspondence
There are plenty of "systems" out there for you to follow. But the bottom line is you have to come up with a method you are comfortable with.

Citing & Verifying Sources
Don't let this happen to you; always write down where and when you found the information.

Photo Madness
The popular "sticky" photo albums you can find in any store that carries albums are NOT the proper place to store your photographic heritage.

Your Website
Publishing some or all of your research on the Internet is a powerful way to expand your research by letting other people find you!

If all of the answers were readily available on the Internet, genealogy wouldn't be considered research.

What's New in Genealogy ... Today!
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