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War Ration Book One

Office of Price Administration



  1. Punishments ranging as high as Ten Years' Imprisonment or $10,000 Fine, or Both, may be imposed under United States Statutes for violations thereof arising out of ingractions of Rationing Orders and Regulations.
  2. This book must not be transferred. It must be held and used only by or on behalf of the person to whom it has been issued, and anyone presenting it thereby represents to the Office of Price Administration, an agency of the United States Government, that it is being so held and so used. For any misues of this book it may be taken from the holded by the Office of Price Administration.
  3. In the event either of the departure from the United States of the person to whome this book is issued, or his or her death, this book must be surrendered in accordance with the Regulations.
  4. Any person finding a lost book must deliver it promptly to the nearest Ration Board.
Sample of War Ration Book One - Back


The Stamps contained in this Book are valid only after the lawful holder of this Book has signed the certificate below, and are void if detached contrary to the Regulations. (A father, mother, or guardian may sign the name of a person under 18.) In case of questions, difficulties, or complaints, consult your local Ration Board.

Certificate of Book Holder

I, the undersigned, do hereby certify that I have observed all of the conditions and regulations governing the issuance of this War Ration Book; that the "Description of Book Holder" contained herein is correct; that an application for issuance of this book has been duly made by me or on my behalf; and that the statemens contained in said application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

OPA Form No. R-302.

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