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Instructions - How to Use Your New War Ration Book

Use Your OLD Ration Book for SUGAR and COFFEE

How to Use Your New War Ration Book

Ration Book Instructions

To Buy Canned or Bottled Fruits, Vegetables, Soups, and Juices; Frozen Fruits and Vegetables; Dried Fruits.

  1. The Government has set the day when this rationing will start. On or after that day, take your War Ration Book Two with you when you go to buy any kind of these processed foods.

  2. Before you buy, find out how many points to give for the kind of processed foods you want. Prices do not set the points. The Government will set different points for each kind and size no matter what the price. Your grocer will put up the official list of points where you can see it. It will also be in the newspapers. The points will not changes just because the prices do.

  3. When you buy, take the right amount of blue stamps out of the book. Do this in front of your grover or delivery man and hand them to him. The grocer must collect a ration stamp, or stamps, for all the rationed processed foods he sells. Every rationed processed food will take points as well as money.

  4. Do not use more stamps than you need to make up the right amoung. For example. if the food you buy calls for 13 points it is better to tear out an 8-point and a 5-point stamp than two 5-point stamps and a 2- and 1-point stamp. Save your smaller point stamps for low-point foods. You can take the stamps from more than one book belonging to your household if you need to.

  5. Every person in your household, including children of any age, has a total of 48 points to use for all these processed foods for one ration period. This meas that you may use ALL the blue stamps marked A, B, and C from all the books during the first period. You may use as many of the blue A, B, and C stamps as you wish at one time. When they are used up you will not be able to buy any more of these processed foods till the next stamps are good. The Govermnent will announce the date when the next stamps are good.

  6. Use your household's points carefully so that you will not run out of stamps. And buy with care to make your points come out even, because the grocer will not be able to give you change in stamps. Use high-point stamps first, if you can.


You may use ALL the books of the household to buy processed foods for the household. Anyone you wish can take the ration books to teh store to do the buying for you or your household.


We cannot afford to waste food or give some people more than their fair share... That is why canned fruits and vegetables are rationed and thay is why meat is going to be rationed. Rationing of some foods is the best and fairest way to be sure that every American gets enough to eat.

U. S. Government Printing Office : 1943 16-32240-1 (Page 2)


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