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Clipping - Lower Meat Grades to Go Off Rationing

Lower Meat Grades to Go Off Rationing

War Ration Clippings

With civilian meat supplies rapidly swelling in volume, the office of price administration announced today that one-third of all meats will be taken off the ration list next Sunday.

Chief items to become ration free with the beginning of the October rationing period are lower grades of beef, lower grades of veal and lamb, hamburger, sausage and luncheon meats. Canning and cutter are the names of the lower beef grades. Low grades of veal and lamb are classified as cull.

Pork, which is still scarce, will continue at its present point valies for all cuts except pork hearts, liver and toungues, which will be ration free.

The better grades of beef, veal and lamb, particularly cuts such as steaks, roasts and chops, will retain their present point values. Other less flavored cuts, such as short ribs, plates, flanks, shanks and breasts, will become point free regardless of grade.

Butter, margarine, lard and other fats and oils will retain their present point values. The OPA pointed out, however, that the public would have many more red points with which to buy them because fewer points will be needed for meat.

The same number of red points as usual - 50 per ration period) will be issued to each ration book holder October 1. On that date red stamps R1 through V1 will become good for 10 points each. Red stamps V2 through Z2 expire September 30.

In addition to other red point changes for October, canned fish will go down two to three points on all varieties.

[Sept. 27, 1945]


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