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Clipping - Important Dates on Rationing

Important Dates on Rationing

War Ration Clippings

MEATS, FATS, ETC. - Book four red stamps K2 through P2 good through July 31; Q2 through U2 good through August 31; V2 through Z2 good through September 30; A1 through E1 good through October 31.

PROCESSED FOODS - Book four blus stamps T2 through X2 good through July 31; Y2, Z2 and A1 through C2 good through August 31; D1 through H1 good through September 30; J1 through N1 good through October 31.

SUGAR - Book four stamp 36 good through August 31 for five pounds. Next stamp valid September 1.

SHOES - Book three airplane stamps 1, 2 and 3 good indefinitely. OPA says no plans to cancel any. Airplane stamp 4 valid August 1 and good indefinitely.

GASOLINE - 16-A coupons good for six gallons each through September 21. B-7, B-8, C-7 and C-8 coupons good for five gallons each.

FUEL OIL - Period one through five coupons good through August 31. Last year's period four and five coupons also expire August 31. Period one coupons for 1945-46 season now valid.

[Monday, July 23, 1945]


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