Genealogy Acquisitions

Genealogy Today is dedicated to preserving and promoting quality resources for genealogists around the world. Often we encounter sites that are challenged by increasing hosting fees, domain renewals and/or time constraints of the owners. Genealogy Today can help by providing permanent storage for your work and integrating your content within our infrastructure to ensure good placement and visibility.

Take a look at some of the examples of recent additions to our family, and you will see how careful we are to not only preserve the content of our member sites, but also well-deserved credit to the creators. Many of the owners of our member sites continue to expand and revise their content, letting us manage the HTML coding and promotion of the pages. In some cases, we have even developed databases to store the information and make it more searchable.

What types of sites do we consider? Typically member sites need to offer some unique content or service that does not already exist (or is not well established) on our site. The sites tend to have general appeal to a global audience, or a strong appeal as a regional resource.

If you have very specific content (like a cemetery transcription or muster roll) and would like to contribute it, we can ensure that it remains freely accessible online as part of our Genealogy World Project. Click here for submission instructions.

If you would like to discuss having your site become a Genealogy Today member, please send us the details and be sure to include the following:

  1. Name of site
  2. URL
  3. Date site was launched
  4. General purpose of the site
  5. Unique features that the site has
  6. Number of HTML pages
  7. Details of any data files or databases
  8. Number of unique visitors for past six months
  9. Monthly revenue for past six months
  10. Newsletter information, including number of subscribers (if applicable)

Do we pay for sites? We will gladly work with you to valuate your site and if appropriate compensate you if the site currently generates a steady revenue stream that is verifiable. We will gladly pay for any pending domain renewals and short-term hosting bills to ensure that your site remains active while we work through an agreement. Loss of a domain name and/or search engine placement can rapidly devalue your hard work and effort.

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