Genealogy Today as a Research Resource

As a media professional you are frequently challenged to find interesting topics, as well as, quality reference materials to support your coverage. Genealogy Today can help with both!

Through organic development and acquisition, we've amassed a collection of hundreds of interesting articles and opinion pieces. Our team of experienced writers is also available for interviews, guidance, etc. to help in any way. We've put together a quick reference guide of all articles by subject for easy access. If you don't find the topic you're looking for, please let us know and one of our writers can develop something for you.

In addition, our growing collection of databases includes primary and secondary sources of information. While our coverage is primarily domestic U.S., it continues to grow and we are actively collecting Canadian, British and Australian data for future publication. Our search technology also includes indexes of external resources and links to a variety of directories (e.g. cemeteries, historical societies, obituaries, etc).

If you're looking for trends and demographics of genealogists and family historians, we collect a variety of information through surveys and profiles of our visitors including our Team Roots program. Team Roots is a free membership service that provides online tools for managing and organizing research. Each member is given a custom start page that servers as their research dashboard and gives them easy access to all of the information hosted at Genealogy Today. We frequently survey the 20,000 Team Roots members, and can design a custom questionnaire to cover your subject matter.

Some of our surveys have been running for several years, and can be used to see trends and shifts in opinions of Internet-based genealogical resources. We also monitor hundreds of the top genealogy sites and can provide you with metrics and rankings by a variety of criteria.

Genealogy Today can be an excellent resource for anyone covering the genealogy marketplace. Whether its source material for an article, analytics about popular web sites, demographical information or an expert for interviewing, we're here to help.

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