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Unfortunately, for financial reasons (one issue costs over $1,200 US to produce and mail), this newsletter was put on hiatus shortly after the 9/11 tragedy.

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Launched in May 1995 and originally named "Hot Chocolate", it was designed to be a practical resource for today's family historian. Beginning in 2000, the format changed to themed issues bringing together article abstracts, quick tips, links to online and offline resources. Val Laferrière, the creator of Hot Chocolate, continues gives her unique perspective on genealogy in each issue.

Archived Issues

You may purchase copies of previous issues for a nominal fee of $2.00 (USD) per copy.

  • Fall 2001, Volume 1, No. 3 -- "Saving Your Family Image"
    Featuring Family Photography by Maureen Taylor
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  • Summer 2001, Vol 1. No. 2. -- "Those Ever Changing Places"
    Featuring Boundary Changes and Place Names by Kyle J. Betit
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  • Spring 2001, Vol 1. No. 1. -- "Civil War... Brothers in Arms"
    Featuring Finding Your Fighting Brothers by Kory L. Meyerink, AG
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There is also an online archive of the Hot Chocolate articles.

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