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Stay up-to-date with the latest postings to the StateGenSites database, along with new articles and information available from the team of SGS associates.

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SGS Associates

If you have a genealogy web site and would like to share new information you post to your site with our readers, please consider joining our team.

As a team member you will (1) have a permanent link on this static page back to your site; (2) be permitted to post non-commercial messages to the StateGenSites mailing list; and (3) get your banner ad placed into our general rotation.

In return, we make these simple requests: (1) you post a link to the StateGenSite home page (; (2) you post text inviting your visitors to join the StateGenSites mailing list by linking to; and (3) you do not abuse this program by sending excessive postings to the list.

To apply for an associate membership, send the details of your site to our editor. Be sure to include the title of the site, it's url and a brief description of the type of content you post regularly.

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