September 2, 2002

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Genealogy Today launches Tutorial CD-Rom Product

Genealogy Today (, in cooperation with Genealogy Works, announced the release of a new instructional package aimed to help genealogists with online and offline research.

Genealogy, Climbing Your Family Tree covers a variety of topics, and includes embedded links to hundreds of essential online resources. Genealogical author, researcher, instructor and lecturer, Ruby Coleman, with her 34 years of genealogical experience and 18 years of professional research, created these tutorials as an innovative approach to genealogical instruction.

Here's what's included on the CD:

Genealogy 1: Beginning the Ancestral Quest; Researching' Home Source Sleuthing; Library Research; Twentieth Century Records.

Genealogy 2: Motivation; Census Research; Military Records; Courthouse and Institutional Research.

Genealogy 3: Migrations; Religious Research; Ethnic and Foreign Research; Case Studies.

Genealogy 4: Computing Your Genealogy; The Research Begins; Exchange & Sharing; Databases and Resources; Digging Deeper on the Internet.

"I found that in creating the CD and actually using it (especially on genealogy trips) I can find something in each of the twenty six lessons that is helpful to any researcher of any level at any given time," commented Ruby Coleman. "And as a genealogy instructor, I know the need for compact notes, examples, and better yet, links to web pages for my students. The CD is designed to satisfy both of these needs."

Available online for $29.95, researchers receive this complete library of genealogy lessons to help them delve deeper into their ancestry. Each lesson contains assignments that can be done at their leisure to improve their genealogy skills. Bonus materials are included on the CD in each of the four sections.

"My genealogical library consists of approximately 2,000 books, and I DO use them; but, I find this CD to be helpful because it is concise, all on one CD, and all in one place," added Ruby. "The CD may appear to have comparable content to books, but you have the enhanced ability of the medium to click on URL's and instantly go to web page. And doesn't that sound like a better way for genealogy to work?"

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