July 4, 2000

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Family Tree Climbers has a New Home! is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Family Tree Climbers ("FTC") project created by Lesa and John Karwoski. The FTC project consists of a series of services and database for helping researchers find answers to all sorts of genealogy questions.

"The page has become so popular, that even with the help of volunteers and working in excess of 8 hours a day on the page, we just couldn't keep up," explained Lesa. "Bringing the site to will give our members a greater level of service."

In addition to joining the family, FTC is moving away from a subscriber-based service, making the resources collected in the past two years free to all researchers. "We struggled with the decision to make FTC a membership page, but it was just too expensive to continue without some kind of financial offset," added Lesa. "I'm very pleased to see that by joining, we are able to move past this unfortunate obstacle."

The merger was made possible through a partnership with, run by Jim Sheetz. Jim's site will house the FTC obituary and GEDcom databases. "Without Jim's involvement we would not have been able to make this happen so quickly," mentioned Illya D'Addezio, owner of the web site.

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About Family Tree Climbers
FTC has been in operation since January of 1998. "The page has grown beyond what I ever expected it to," commented Lesa Karwoski, who co-founded the site with her husband John. "The mission of Family Tree Climbers was to form a close-knit community of researchers, which is exactly what we have done."

About has been serving a growing audience of genealogy enthusiasts since 1999 and earning accolades along the way. The site features original articles from several experienced genealogists and writers, along with unique databases and search tools.

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