August 10, 2005

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Genealogy Today Establishes Registry of Databases

Genealogy Today ( announced the availability of a new search portal designed to simplify the task of searching free online information resources.

"It's incredible how much time is involved in online research. There are so many great resources, but each site's search is different and you have to keep typing in the same names over and over again," explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "The idea behind this new service is to make the search experiences consistent and significantly reduce the redundant typing involved."

The Genealogy Registry is a catalog of searchable databases, online transcriptions and GEDcom-based family trees. All of the resources included are free, and through the use of this new portal, the searches are linked to customizable profiles that every visitor can establish. When accessing each resource, the profile is retrieved and matching fields are populated - eliminating the need to retype them.

Launching with over 500 resources, the registry will continue to expand as new resources are catalogued every week. The resources are organized by topic, location and years covered, making it quick and easy to locate those that are the most appropriate for your own research projects. And even resources from sites without search boxes available, can now be instantly searched.

"Using the Internet for genealogical research can be overwhelming," added Illya. "Every time you stumble upon a brick wall, don't you just want to check every possible resource as quickly as possible? This new registry will greatly reduce the time it takes to do so."

Members of the free Team Roots program will enjoy additional benefits, as information from their password-protected personal research setup can be imported into the new customizable profile with a few simple clicks.

To access the Genealogy Registry, visit or


Genealogy Today has been serving genealogy enthusiasts since 1999 with its unique collection of databases and search tools, original articles from experienced genealogists, and directory of local genealogy. With more than 45,000 registered members, Genealogy Today helps connect researchers with common family lines through its free Team Roots program.

Based in New Providence, NJ, it develops and markets online resources that help researchers track and organize their family history projects. The Genealogy Today web site also provides a marketplace of family tree products and gifts. Genealogy Today LLC is a member of the Better Business Bureau and participant in the BBB Reliability Program.

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