January 15, 2003

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Newbie Site Joins Genealogy Today Family

Genealogy Today ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of Help! I'm Lost! -- a beginner web site that has been online since 1998, and was formerly known as The Lost Husbands Guide to On-Line Genealogy.

"Our site was launched in an attempt to help my husband figure out the on-line genealogy world, we wanted to create a place that would give much needed information without being so daunting," explained Dee Pavey, the sites co-creator and webmaster. "He actually ran everything (with a little help) for a while. Later we changed the name because we had many women visiting and claiming to be lost as well -- they were feeling a little left out."

The site is a collection of guides and quick references to help beginners get started, but has also grown into a resources even for experts. You can lookup old occupation names you might have found in Census records; figure out what old diseases are called in modern times; or figure out what state a Social Security Number is from based on the first three digits.

"Being able to help preserve and grow the fine work Dee developed over the years and to offer Newbies visiting our site a resource tailored to their needs is a win-win situation," commented Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "This addition to our growing family is part of a commitment to ensure that our site has something to offer genealogists at every stage of their family history project."

One of the key features of the site is the Genealogy Knowledgebase, which combines all of the lookup features of the Help! I'm Lost! web site into a single database of over 5,000 terms. This searchable tool includes such helpful resources a the many acronyms of the U.S. government, the abbreviations of the U.S. Post Office, dozens of medical and legal terms, genealogy abbreviations and much, much more.

"Working with Genealogy Today, I'm hoping that the site will grow, while still offering the small site feel that I so wanted to offer those new to genealogy," added Dee. "It's quality, not quantity, that matters most."

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