April 9, 2001

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A Challenge to Abraham Lincoln's Ancestry

Genealogy Today ( has published an article about a local New Providence resident, Robert V. Enlow, and his 10-year struggle to determine the truth about Abraham's heritage. The article references works completed back in 1899 that explain an entirely different set of circumstances to the 16th President's birth and parentage.

"The woods are full of Abraham Lincolns, more than one Nancy Hanks, and hundreds (indeed thousands) of self-appointed experts in Lincolnia ready to challenge anything but the Sunday-school story of his origin," explained Mr. Enlow. "I've spent the past 10 years, off and on, working on this project. While no one can say for certain who Lincoln's parents were, there are enough facts here to challenge the 'official' story taught in schools for countless years."

The Independent Press granted Genealogy Today permission to reprint the unique story about Mr. Enlow's theories that was published locally on February 7, 2001. "When I read the story I was amazed," explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "I had never heard anything that contradicted the childhood of Abraham Lincoln. The story described by Mr. Enlow, if proven to be true, makes Mr. Lincoln's achievements more monumental."

Genealogy Today will also be publishing Mr. Enlow's short work outlining the details he uncovered during his extended research effort. "The small segment of the public to whom the genesis truth was known raised little fuss about the cover-up, probably knowing they were vastly out-numbered, and the rest could be expected to be resentful of anything disturbing an image they were comfortable with," Mr. Enlow wrote in his essay on the subject.

All of Mr. Enlow's research materials have been made available to the Genealogy Today staff for inclusion in this special feature. "This is an exciting opportunity to present one man's fascinating story to our audience," commented Illya. "Working with Mr. Enlow, we've put together a very interesting collection of materials to support his claim of the true heritage of 'Honest Abe', one of our country's favorite sons."

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