January 12, 2004

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Finding Lost Ones Around the World

Genealogy Today ( is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Find Lost Ones people finder web site. Launched in October 2001, this site includes over 8,000 listings for lost love ones - missing child, relatives, schoolmates, military or prior work colleagues, old neighbors, genealogy search, etc..

"We have found this site more rewarding than probably anything we've ever done and have managed to helped a lot of people, through the Grace of God, find their lost loved ones," explained Rick Brown, the sites founder. "Working with Genealogy Today, we are now able to expose our free listings to a much wider audience with the hope that it will lead to more reunions."

In addition to a minor facelift, the search engine has been replaced and the posts have been integrated into the Missing Persons Register, an existing databases managed by Genealogy Today.

"Rich's unique approach to categorizing listings made it very easy for people to browse for possible lost friends and family. We wanted to preserve that feature and still broaden the reach of this service," commented Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today.

Categories are arranged by states, provinces or countries. You can list your search by the state, etc. in which the person was born or last located and please state which it is under the category your description is in so the rest of us can better help you. There's also a category for people with unknown information in respect that they can post in.

"We have so many heart felt emails from people whose lives are more complete/solid (so to speak) due to this site," added Rick. "Sadly, some people have spent years and/or paid a lot of money to find someone with no result. This is why it was so important to us that this service remain free of all costs."

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