October 16, 2003

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The Answer to New Researchers' Most Common Question

Genealogy Today ( announced a new column designed to help genealogy newbies answer the question, "Where is MY Family Tree?" Piloting this journey will be Christine Sievers, a short story and non-fiction writer, who is well known for her work at Suite101, where she managed the genealogy topic area for several years.

"The most common request/complaint we STILL receive week after week is, 'I visited your site and could not find MY family tree. Where is it?'" explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "We are very pleased to be able to launch this new series as part of our Family History Month celebration."

Christine will reveal the truth behind many myths that genealogists have about building a family tree. Not only will she talk to many of the misconceptions that exist about genealogy, she will provide newbies with a clear understanding of the commitment required to pursue ones' family history while educating them on the skills needed.

"Genealogy provides a way for me to connect my family's past and future in a solid form, and will be a legacy to my grandchildren," remarked Sievers. "I am looking forward to helping others who are starting family research do the same."

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About Christine Sievers
Christine is one of the generation of Internet genealogists, who, with scores of helpful Internet articles and a few good genealogy books, has learned about the pre-Internet methods of researching that are still important. She lives within two hours of a National Archives, and she has developed a network of cousins, many living where her ancestors first settled, allowing for collaborative research. As a genealogy writer, she has written articles for and is currently working on a novel that weaves genealogy into the story.

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