May 27, 2002

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The Great Roots Pursuit

Genealogy Today ( is pleased to announce the launch of a new monthly column called "Roots Pursuit" that will help make family history an enjoyable pursuit for young people. Its author, Deanna Corbeil, says if she had known how much fun she would have learning about her family's past, she would have started working on it a lot sooner! "This is a hobby for everyone," she says. "Unfortunately, most genealogy web sites and books are geared towards adults."

Genealogy is growing in popularity, as people discover how easy and fun it can be revealing the past. Kids have their own reasons for digging up their roots. These include figuring out their place in a world that's always changing; feeling closer to their family; and, the best reason of all, its fun! Deanna says genealogy is like solving a mystery. "You're always hunting for clues. Pretty soon, you figure out the answers, but then new puzzles always await you."

Each month a new issue of Roots Pursuit will be published in the Junior Edition section of the Genealogy Today web site. The Junior Edition was launched in 2000 to bring together resources designed for young adults - including several databases that offer a unique double-blind method of correspondence to shield their e-mail addresses.

"We're excited to have Deanna on board and to be able to produce an offering of this type," commented Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "Our Junior Edition provides a safe haven for young people to learn about their family history, and Roots Pursuit will be a welcome addition for the kids."

In so many ways, we are who we are because of our ancestors. We inherit physical things like eye color, as well as stories and traditions. When young folks start figuring out who their ancestors were, they'll begin to discover who they are now. Reading Roots Pursuit will help get them off to a good start.

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About Deanna
Deanna Corbeil is a part-time nurse and full-time wife and mom, who caught the genealogy bug many years ago. She has spent hundreds of hours tracing her family's history back more than five generations, and is already sharing her pastime with her young daughter, who thinks it's normal to spend summer vacations at courthouses and cemeteries.

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