September 12, 2006

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Web Site Launches Online Registry of War Ration Books

Genealogy Today ( announced that it has established the first online registry of war ration books issued during World War Two (1942-1945). This fully searchable index includes images of the various stamp books used by families during wartime.

In the United States, nationwide food rationing was instituted in the spring of 1942, and each member of the family was issued ration books by the Office of Price Administration (OPA). These books contained stamps and gave precise details of the amounts of certain types of food that you were allowed. The OPA was in charge of rationing consumer goods such as sugar, coffee, shoes, household appliances, and other goods during World War II.

"Access to the 1940 census is still years away," explained Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "Millions of these ration books were printed during the Second World War, and as part of this new project we'll be transcribing dozens of them every week."

There were four different series of ration books; each included a different amount of information about the person it was issued to.

"Imagine finding out how tall your ancestor was," added Illya. "Some of the books include height, weight, age and occupation. They are truly a wonderful resource for genealogists."

In addition to the books collected by Genealogy Today, anyone can contribute items to the registry, either by sending images, photocopies or the original documents. And images already posted online can be registered for inclusion into this new index.

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