June 26, 2002

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Site Taps Return Path ECOA to Reconnect Researchers

New York, NY and New Providence, NJ - June 26, 2002 - Genealogy Today, a specialized portal providing the latest online data resources for genealogical researchers, and Return Path, the leading provider of e-mail change of address services, today announced the integration of Return Path's ECOA (e-mail change of address) service.

Return Path ECOA provides a convenient; secure way for consumers to register an e-mail address change. More than 7.3MM consumers have reported an e-mail address change to the Return Path service since June 2001, allowing them to keep the relationships they have with eNewsletters, online businesses, and personal contacts current after they have changed their e-mail address.

"The Internet is a central resource for genealogy research, but as genealogists change their e-mail addresses, due to ISP switches, job changes, or the avoidance of SPAM, the genealogical clues they leave behind in posted queries become useless," explains Illya D'Addezio, owner of Genealogy Today. "Return Path helps keep our database of genealogical researchers up-to-date. Since using the Return Path service, we have reconnected with more than 750 researchers."

When a Genealogy Today visitor reports an e-mail address change on the Genealogy Today web site, they can register for the free Return Path service. This allows them to be easily contacted by those who only have their old e-mail address.

"We're very pleased to see Return Path ECOA added to the Genealogy Today database suite, said Matt Blumberg," Return Path chief executive officer. "By promoting Return Path ECOA from within the existing Genealogy Today e-mail submission process, the entire process of managing an e-mail address change becomes more convenient and hassle-free for their visitors."

According to a study by NFO World Group, 32 percent of e-mail users change their e-mail address each year, because of a job change or a change of ISP. For businesses that rely on e-mail to communicate with customers for marketing, billing, customer service or content delivery, e-mail address churn represents a significant cost and a threat to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts.

About Return Path, Inc.

Founded in 1999, Return Path helps businesses retain customers and reduce the costs of undeliverable e-mail with Return Path ECOA and Return Path E-mail List Hygiene. Return Path ECOA is the industry standard for e-mail change of address services. More than 1,000,000 consumer-registered e-mail address changes are submitted to Return Path monthly.

Return Path, a member of the Direct Marketing Association, is also the e-mail change of address service for the United States Postal Service's online moving portal. Return Path serves more than 120 clients, among them Brooks Brothers, Meredith Corporation, Sharper Image, and Illuminations. Return Path investors include Sutter Hill Ventures, Mobius Venture Capital (formerly SOFTBANK Venture Capital), Flatiron Partners, JP Morgan Partners, and DoubleClick Inc. (NASDAQ:DCLK). For more information visit, e-mail, or call 1-866-362-4577.

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