December 12, 2003

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The Missing Persons Register Joins Genealogy Today

Genealogy Today ( announced the acquisition of the Missing Persons Register, one of the Internet's oldest free people finding services. Launched in 1996, the Missing Persons Register focused on reuniting family members in Australia and New Zealand, but quickly expanded to cover additional countries.

"Our site helps people find others whether they are lost, missing, or simply out of touch," explained Melissa BEE, co-founder of the Missing Persons Register. "You can try to track lost sweethearts, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, classmates etc. We're proud that over 200 people have been located through our efforts."

Combining the history and experience of the Missing Persons team with the resources of Genealogy Today will help bring the effort to a broader global audience.

"Many of our visitors are trying to locate living individuals," remarked Illya D'Addezio, creator of Genealogy Today. "Uniting our projects will help us to better refer people onto appropriate agencies and search services in their area, which may further assist with their inquiries."

The Missing Persons Register will be searchable from the Persons Missing web site co-created by Melissa as well as from Genealogy Today. Registration is required to place listings (or ads) into the database and to contact other members.

"We understand the pain and anguish families go through not knowing where their loved ones ARE, and whether they are safe, and well - or even ALIVE," added Melissa. "Our site addresses the different needs of searchers. Some may want to find the history of their family name (Genealogy); others may be interested in finding international missing persons organizations. We endeavor to help people find who they are seeking through all walks of life through all nationalities, races and interests."

This resource helps people get in touch with people they may have lost contact with, a friend, a neighbor, a relative, an old classmate. There are no fees, no charges, no word limit (well, it's very reasonable!) and you can put up photographs of the person you are searching for.

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