First Name Basis

First Name Basis

Please note, we do not do name searches nor do we have any additional information on your child's first name.

Unusual First Names
For those using unusual first names to search for missing twigs, branches, and roots.

Stuck in the Middle with Yew
For those using middle names in their search. After all, many people go by their middle names instead of their first names.

Roots of Married Women
For those seeking women's maiden names. Use this database to match up women to your lineages.

Spinster or Spouse?
For those seeking women's married names. Did your great-great-great grandmother's sister marry or remain single?

First Names on the Census NEW!
Many people have asked us about the popularity of the first name of their ancestors.

First Name Translator
Because your immigrant ancestors may have altered their name when they emmigrated to America.

About First Name Basis

We often get e-mail from folks who want to list themselves, their children, or someone unrelated to them. It is against our policy to do this as it is an invasion of a person's privacy.

If there is a recurring name (first or middle) in your family and it happens to be your name or your child's name, we will happily list it as "a recurring name," but without any current information on a living person.

This is a genealogy service, limited for the purpose of family heritage research (i.e., looking for information about deceased individuals), and is not intended to be used for locating missing persons.

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