First Name Basis
First Name Basis

Spinster or Spouse?

Did your great-great-great grandmother's sister marry or remain single? Perhaps you have cousins you never knew about. Here's the place to list women for whom you don't have marriage information.

For each woman listed below, the maiden name is known, but not the married name. Here's an example: On Married Women Seeking Roots, one person might list Betsy ?? (b. 1824), wife of Joe Wright and mother and grandmother of lots of kids. On this list, another person might list Betsy Jones (b. 1824), a daughter for whom there is no marriage information. Chances are, the person posting Betsy Jones is looking for Mr. Wright.

You may try searching for a specific name below.

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Thanks to Shirley M. DeBoer, Certified Genealogist, for inspiring this page.

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