Chinese Surnames

Researching Chinese Immigrant Ancestors - While researching Chinese immigrants can be a challenge, there are resources available to help. By conducting a careful research, one can find the information that can bring their family history to life.

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Chinese Names
The Traditions Surrounding the Use of Chinese Surnames and Personal Names

In Search of Your Asian Roots : Genealogical Research on Chinese Surnames
Sheau-yueh J. Chao, a librarian on the staff of the Newman Library of Baruch College, has prepared a groundbreaking treatise on the related topics of Chinese-American genealogy and Chinese onomastics. In fact, her new book is the first basic tool in English that traces the origins of Chinese surnames.

Japanese, Chinese and Korean Surnames
How to Read them from Characters of Readings

Common Chinese Last Names

  • Li
  • Chang
  • Liu
  • Chen
  • Yang

  • Huang
  • Zhao
  • Wu
  • Suen
  • Liang

  • Sung
  • Tseng
  • Yuan
  • Wei
  • Fu

    Web Sites

    Chinese Names
    Chinese surnames - every character hyperlinked to definitions of Chinese characters.

    Origin of Chinese Surnames
    A Site on Origin of Chinese Surnames

    The China Experience
    ChinaVista: Discover China: The China Experience: the origin of Chinese Surnames...

    Ron Young's Chinese Surnames
    Find surname characters and descriptions, a romanized list of names, links to other genealogy resources, and a guest query form.
    This Chinese genealogy site allows you to browse its surname dictionary, create family trees, obtain genealogical information from Shanghai Library and build family clubs.

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