Danish Surnames

Beyond the Microfilm: Denmark's Archives, Libraries, and Historical Societies - If you find that you are in need of information beyond what the Family History Library has to offer for Denmark, you may want to turn to other resources.

Denmark's Military Levying Rolls - Because of its regularity and the information they contain, the military levying rolls are some of the most helpful records that can be used to fill in the Danish census gap.

Making Sense of the Danish Census - "So Denmark has a census. So what?" Those may be your first thoughts when it comes to the Danish census, but just as in other countries of the world, the census plays an important role in your research there. Here are a few specifics before you begin.

Danish Royalty in England

Exploring Your Danish Roots

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Common Danish Last Names

  • Jensen
  • Nielsen
  • Hansen
  • Pedersen
  • Andersen

  • Christensen
  • Larsen
  • Sorensen
  • Rasmussen
  • Jorgensen

  • Petersen
  • Madsen
  • Kristensen
  • Olsen
  • Christiansen

    Web Sites

    Genealogy Research in Denmark This Internet site is to help genealogists learn to research Danish sources.

    Denmark Genealogy
    A host of information on Danish geography, local community history and the patronymical surname system. Includes a brief introduction to the Gothic alphabet.

    Danish-American Genealogical Group
    Learn about membership in this organization or explore links to Danish genealogical resources on the Internet.

    Danish Surname Database
    Collection of specific Danish names that occur less than 1,000 times from this site based on the Mormons' genealogical index.

    Danish Names
    About danish names Surname or patronymic? Names and traditions List of common danish names. If you know that an ancestor was born in Denmark about 150 years ago and had a name like "Mary", "Jean", "Henry" or "Lawrence", you can be almost 100% sure, that this is not the original name.

    A bit about Denmark and its people - Danish names
    Danish names Among the ten most common current Danish christian names for girls are: Camilla, Louise, Maria, Julie, Katrine, Sofie and Line. For boys: Nicolaj, Mathias, Anders, Rasmus, Martin, Mads and Jakob.

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