German Surnames

German Church Records Part 2: Tips for Navigating a Parish Registers - Open the door to parish registers by learning where they are kept and picking up some special tips to save time.

Bist du bilingual?: Hints for Reading and Understanding German - Not knowing the German language just for research may cause you to stumble, but a few cognates and reading tips can help you begin your German research.

Kirchenbucher -- Genealogical Enlightenment using German Church Books - Church records are the mainstay for German genealogical research -- understanding them can bear much fruit in your research.

Ortssippenbucher: German Village Lineage Books - German lineage books called Ortssippenbucher are a compilation of some of the records available for various German cities. Find out if these books can hold answers for you.

Delving into Deutsche Displays - The Marburg web site has over 1.5 million pictures of buildings in towns all over Germany and some other countries. Is your town there?

Finding a Parish in a Large German City - What do you do if your immigrant ancestor was Lutheran and came from a large city in Germany that had more than 50 Lutheran churches? How do you find the church where your ancestor's records would be kept?

Finding the Location of German Records Using the Meyers Orts- und Verkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen - When conducting German genealogical research, some researchers rely heavily on parish records. What happens when these records cannot be found, accessed or read? It is important to understand there are many other records available to aid in German resear

Pennsylvania German Fraktur Records: Records of Birth and Symbols of Culture - Pennsylvania German birth and baptism certificates called Fraktur are not only genealogical goldmines, but beautiful cultural windows into the past.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? - The last census of the US in 2000 showed that 25 per cent of the population claimed some German ancestry. If you are among this group, or researching it, there have been some interesting developments in the ability to search for German information online

The Ancestor List Exchange: German Research before Message Boards - German researchers were communicating long before our modern technological means. Know what previous research has been collected and how to access it.

Russian, German, and Austrian Ancestors in Poland

Getting Information on German Protestant Ancestors

Related Books

Dictionary of German Names
A boon for genealogical research, this detailed dictionary makes available in English information on more than 15,000 German names, with variant spellings and the meanings and origins of each name.

A Genealogist's Guide to Discovering Your Germanic Ancestors
From naturalization to name changes, actual case studies of both typical and atypical Germanic genealogies demonstrate how to "solve" a research mystery, and comprehensive listings of Germanic archives, research forms, letter-writing examples and maps will save genealogists hours of additional work. In addition, this guide provides a history of Germanic countries and their changing boundaries to help researchers find their villages of origin and determine the events that led their ancestors to emigrate.

Finding Your German Ancestors : A Beginner's Guide
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Common German Last Names

  • Mueller
  • Schmidt
  • Schneider
  • Fischer
  • Meyer

  • Weber
  • Schulze
  • Wagner
  • Becker
  • Hoffmann

  • Schaefer
  • Koch
  • Bauer
  • Schroeder
  • Klein

    Web Sites

    Germanic Genealogy - The German Way
    Germanic genealogy links and a forum for THE GERMAN WAY and its 77 topics related to traveling or living in Austria, Germany, or Switzerland.

    German Surnames and Their Origins
    Here is how one teacher carried out a German-American Day project, dealing with German names in the American mainstream.

    German Genealogy? Start Here!
    Reseach your ancestry using thousands of surname queries, passenger ship arrivals, cemeteries, recommended Web sites, articles on German culture, plus locate record archives in Germany.

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