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Getting your Irish Ancestor across the Ocean - Finding an Irish immigrant's area of origin can be challenging, but there are several Irish, U.S., and Canadian records that may give you this information. This article will discuss civil registration, immigration, church, vital, and cemetery records a

Realistic Expectations: Tracing Irish Ancestry - Millions of Americans trace their lines back to Irish Potato Famine immigrants. Descendants that want to know more about their Irish heritage need to have realistic expectations about what they can hope to find in the Emerald Isle.

Irish Research Beginnings

Irish Place Names and Family Names

Irish Estate Records

Finding Your Irish Ancestors

Irish Family History on the Web

Related Books

The Complete Book of Irish Family Names
Main Index of Irish Surnames by Source and Location, it tells what county your name was found in. A great book for researchers trying to find rarer names in Ireland.

Clans and Families of Ireland : The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families
A genealogical history of Ireland and its people, from prehistoric times to the present day, traces the origins of placenames and surnames and provides full-color illustrations of clan coats of arms and tartans, along with photographs of the Irish landscape.

Families of County Cork, Ireland : From the Earliest Times to the 20th Century
Ancient Cork families are included. Rare families found in Cork are given in this historic work too, some are found only once in the Co. Cork archives here. Settler families from England, Scotland and the continent who subsequently arrive in Co. Clare are included.

Common Irish Last Names

  • Murphy
  • Kelly
  • O'Sullivan
  • Walsh
  • O'Brien

  • Byrne
  • Ryan
  • O'Connor
  • O'Neill
  • O'Reilly

  • Brennan
  • Doyle
  • Farrell
  • Flynn
  • Mahoney

    Web Sites

    All Irish Clans And Names
    Enter an Irish surname to learn about its origins and clan affiliations. Read about some of the most common Irish names.

    Irish Surnames and Timeline
    Browse a list of surnames common to America, along with name origins. Includes a history time-line and immigration statistics.

    On-line Irish Names Research Directory
    Discover an indexed guide to family names, along with email contact to researchers. Includes an information subscription form.

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