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Italian Allegati: Fast Lane to the Past - In a little over five hours, the author discovered the names of 17 ancestors of an Italian-American immigrant. What's his secret? -- Italian marriage allegations.

Tips for Using Italian Civil Vital Records - Tracing Italian ancestry is both rewarding and exciting research. As Italian-American genealogists quickly discover, Italy has historically kept more detailed biographical information on its citizens than the United States.

Illuminating Italian Information - Italians made up a large amount of immigrants to the USA, and many came later than other groups. We discuss how to look for useful genealogy information about them.

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Italian Vital Records: Nineteenth Century to the Present

Italian Vital Records

Italian Naming Customs

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Our Italian Surnames
Our Italian Surnames covers every fact of Italian names and naming practices. It is here we discover, for example, that bussolari is Italian for compass, orsini means bear, and passalacqua stands for butterfly. In addition to sections on given names and the evolution of Italian surnames, the book contains chapters devoted to pet names, botanical names, geographical names, bird names, insect names, occupational names, and more.

Finding Italian Roots : The Complete Guide for Americans
Whether you choose to conduct your family research by traveling to Italy or by writing to town archives and other repositories of family information, this is the complete guide for you. Finding Italian Roots briefly discloses the resources available here in the United States for climbing your family tree back to your immigrant ancestor, then how you can tap into the wealth of information available in the town halls, archives, churches, and libraries of Italy.

Common Italian Last Names

  • Rossi
  • Russo
  • Ferrari
  • Esposito
  • Bianchi

  • Romano
  • Colombo
  • Ricci
  • Marino
  • Greco

  • Bruno
  • Gallo
  • Conti
  • De Luca
  • Mancini

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