Norwegian Surnames

Norway's Vast Historical Resources - In addition to the national archives, there are also numerous regional archives, parishes, libraries, and historical societies that may be able to help solve that Norwegian problem.

Norwegian Sources on the Net - When it comes to doing Norwegian research from home, you might not be able to find almost everything you need as you can with records from Sweden, but there are some websites that can give you a very solid jump start.

Online Norwegian Research - Within the last few years, the Internet has made finding Norwegian ancestors much easier. Two all-encompassing Norwegian censuses and a large collection of Lutheran parish registers are now available online in free searchable databases.

The Norwegian Bygdabok - The Norwegian bygdabok is considered the most important secondary source for research in Norway -- and for good reason.

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The Promise Fulfilled : A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today
The Promise Fulfilled is an enlightening presentation of Norwegian-American history, continuing the story begun in the best-selling Promise of America. Prominent historian Odd S. Lovoll details where Norwegian Americans live, what kinds of jobs they hold, how their ethnic heritage is passed on, and to what extent their dreams and expectations of life in the United States have been achieved.

Norway Farm Names (GÍard og slekt i Ęksnes)
Many Americans have a Norwegian farm name as their surname. You will find the reason in this book about Norway Naming Patterns.

From Far North Norway
(special order)

Common Norwegian Last Names

  • Hansen
  • Johansen
  • Olsen
  • Larsen
  • Andersen

  • Nilsen
  • Pedersen
  • Kristiansen
  • Dahl
  • Johnsen

  • Eriksen
  • Berg
  • Haugen
  • Jacobsen
  • Halvorsen

    Web Sites

    Norwegian Naming Patterns
    This page explains the old naming patterns for Norwegian surnames, how such names were constructed, and some regional differences.

    Ancestors from Norway
    Read a history of emigration, get advice about choosing software, join chat, see genealogy articles, or find discussion forums.

    Norway Genealogy (WorldGenWeb)
    Individuals of Norwegian descent can browse the genealogical research sources and tips at this site. You can post and read surname queries, access a farm/parish index, view Norwegian family pages and link to other genealogical resources on the Web.

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