Polish Surnames

Pursuing Polish - There are a number of ways to do research on your Polish ancestors, and the Internet has enabled many of them to become available to the North American-based researcher.

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Polish Surnames: Origins and Meanings
Gives the meaning of surnames, and supports it with thorough, documented research.

Polish Roots
Designed to provide the American researcher with the kind of information he needs in order to succeed in his genealogical research.

The Polish Way: A Thousand-Year History of the Poles and Their Culture
Illustrated history of Poland from the tenth century to the present day tells of Poland's achievement as a European nation.

Common Polish Last Names

  • Kowalski
  • Dabrowski
  • Kowalczyk
  • Wozniak
  • Grabowski

  • Nowicki
  • Adamczyk
  • Dudek
  • Majewski
  • Gorski

  • Ostrwoski
  • Pawlak
  • Czarnecki
  • Sobczak
  • Jaworski

    Web Sites

    Poland Poland
    The Online Photographic Guide to Poland

    Covers all areas that were historically part of the Polish Commonwealth

    The Polish Genealogy Project

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