Swedish Surnames

Civil Registration in Sweden - Church records in Sweden suddenly end around the 1860s. Why, when the state church has been so good at keeping them, should they come to an abrupt end in a very important point in time? Maybe the following will help solve the mystery.

Finding Elusive Ancestors in Online Census Indexes - Many times, researchers are correct in conclusions that ancestors should be found in certain locations, even when they can't find them listed in indexes.

Five-Star Censuses: Swedish Clerical Surveys - The Lutheran Church's faithful vigilance over its Swedish membership produced the best 19th-century censuses in the world. Husförhörslängd, translated to English as either clerical survey record or household examination roll, track vital information

Online Research Repositories for Sweden - With the computer age and widespread availability of the Internet, more and more tools are being made accessible for genealogy research. The records of Sweden are some that are now being published online through various sources.

Using U.S. Sources to Trace Your Scandinavian Roots - When tracing your Scandinavian ancestors across "the pond," the going could get tough, but when you know what kind of trail they left for you in the United States, that rocky-looking trail could turn into a nicely paved road.

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Common Swedish Last Names

  • Johansson
  • Andersson
  • Karlsson
  • Lindberg
  • Lindkvist

  • Lindgren
  • Axelsson
  • Eriksson
  • Olofsson
  • Svensson

  • Nilsson
  • Mattson
  • Henriksson
  • Gustafsson
  • Magnusson

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    Swedish surnames
    Swedish surnames today are quite varied, and originate from many parts of Europe, but you typically find many ending in "-son".

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