Welsh Surnames

Patronymics and Your Welsh Researches - Naming customs in various countries have changed for the better over the years, but it is essential to know about these naming customs and how they could affect your ancestral research.

Wales: A Nation With Its Own Traditions - While most people in the global community recognize that Scotland and Ireland are separate entities from England, the same cannot be said for Wales. Perhaps the confusion comes from Wales' diminutive size and intimate location along England's western

Web site Documents Families of 19th-Century Welsh Mormon Converts - In the mid-19th century, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) staged a very successful missionary effort in Wales. Dr. Ronald Dennis, professor of Portuguese and Welsh at Brigham Young University (BYU), recently launched a Web site d

Welsh Migration in Colonial America - In an effort to clarify where my family could of migrated from I did a brief research into the movements of Welsh settlers into the Americas.

Welsh Surnames in America - Many Americans are not aware of the fact that they have Welsh blood running through their veins. Citizens from Wales have been migrating to America, along with their English neighbors, for nearly four centuries. The uniqueness of Welsh surnames may revea

Ydych Chi'n Deall Cymraeg? - In Wales, many citizens are bilingual. Approximately 500,000 individuals still speak both the ancient Welsh language as well as English. The question confronting genealogists is, "Do I need to learn Welsh in order to trace my Welsh ancestry?"

English and Welsh Probate Before 1858

If You Are Researching Welsh Ancestors...

Common Welsh Last Names

  • Jones
  • Williams
  • Davies
  • Evans
  • Thomas

  • Roberts
  • Hughes
  • Edwards
  • Lewis
  • Morris

  • Morgan
  • James
  • Phillips
  • Price
  • Griffiths

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