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The 1930 Federal Census

by Jeannette Holland Austin

PUBLISHED WITH PERMISSION in the June 1999 edition of GenToday-L

All census records are regarded as "private" for 72 years from the census date. In other words, there could still be living persons on that census. Since the 1930 Census was taken on April 1st, it will not be released until April 1, 2002. There is no Soundex for the 1930 Census.

New questions added to the 1930 Census were - a person's age at their first marriage, amount of rent or mortgage payment (monthly), if the household had a radio. They did not ask the number of children or number of marriages.

If you need a census record for proof of age , the Census Bureau provides an "age search" service to the public and will search the confidential records from the Federal population censuses of 1910 to 1990 and issue an official transcript of the results for a fee of $40.00 (personal check or money order). NOTE: Information can be released only to the named person, his/her heirs, or legal representatives. Individuals can use these transcripts, which may contain information on a person's age, sex, race, State or country of birth, and relationship to the householder, as evidence to qualify for social security and other retirement benefits, in making passport applications, to prove relationship in settling estates, in genealogy research, etc., or to satisfy other situations where a birth or other certificate may be needed but is not available. The census records are on microfilm and you have to submit a completed BC-600 Application for Search of Census Records, signed by the person for whom the search is to be conducted. Information regarding a child who has not yet reached the legal age of 18 may be obtained by written request of either parent or guardian. A guardian must provide a copy of the court order naming them as such.

Information regarding mentally incompetent persons may be obtained upon these persons may be obtained upon the written request of the legal representative, supported by a copy of the court order naming such legal representation.

Deceased persons - the application must be signed by (1) a blood relative in the immediate family (parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent), (2) the surviving wife or husband, (3) the administrator or executor of the estate, or (4) a beneficiary by will or insurance. IN ALL CASES INVOLVING DECEASED PERSONS, you must provice the death certificate as well as state the relationship to the deceased in the application. Legal representatives MUST also furnish a copy of the court order naming such legal representatives, and beneficiaries MUST furnish legal evidence of such beneficiary evidence.

An official census transcript will list the person's name, relationship to household head, age at the time of the census, and state of birth. Citizenship will be provided if the person was foreign born. Single items of data such as occupation for Black Lung cases can be provided upon request. If a person is not found, a form will be sent with that information.

Additional data on the same person (Full Schedule) The full schedule is the complete one line entry of personal data recorded for that individual ONLY. This will be furnished in addition to the regular transcript. There is an additional charge of $10.00 for each full schedule. They are not available for 1970, 1980, and 1990. It usually takes 3-4 weeks to receive the information.

Reprinted by permission from EXPERT GENEALOGY


Seeking parents and siblings of Joseph Davis, b. abt 1735, Va., d. 1790, Wake Co., NC, m. Glaphera Cox 1759, Goochland Co., Va. Davis)

Searching for info on Aaron Littlefield, born abt1820, father of Arthur, Julietta, and another son and daughter. From Maine, Iowa, Missouri possibly.

Seeking any information on, Frederick & Riney (PICKETT) MINGO & children: Cary, Isham, Shedrick, Lazuraus, Earnest, Martha, Mary, and Savinia MINGO. All of Patterson St. Mary Parish, La., between 1880 & 1900.

Researching Abraham GRIMES b. abt 1823 & Mary JOHNSON b. abt. 1830 Patterson, La., m. Nov. 22, 1869. Children: Sarah, Frank, Martha, Washington, Elizabeth, Easter, Isabella, Marshall & Hannah all born in Patterson, La.

My PA families: Mary Cath Steiner BATDORF bc1790 d/o Frederick STEINER? William FRANTZ bc1750 of Berks/Dauphin Co Samuel PETERS b c 1821 of Dauphin Co Maryann SWARTZ Peters b1821 of Dauphin Co Catharine UMBERHAUER Wertz b1790 d/o Samuel UMBEHAUER? Sarah A C/KULP b1844 d/o Jacob KALP of Union Co Michael GOODMAN b 1800 of Schuylkill Co I am seeking parentage M Thompson

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