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Not Just Links!

The New Symbol of Trust!

A recent search on Google for the term 'genealogy' yielded a result of 9,190,000 pages -- Now that's a lot of sites to deal with. Recently we've noticed an increase of genealogy pages that simply contain links to commercial entities (a.k.a. affiliates). While many genealogy sites have some commercial links, these sites have nothing else to offer.

We developed this list and the corresponding symbol to help researchers identify genealogy sites where the majority of their pages contain real content (e.g. transcribed cemeteries, census records, passenger lists, etc). When you see the "Real Genealogy - Not Just Links" symbol (pictured above) on a web page, you can be confident you've arrived on a quality site where serious research can be performed.

If you believe your site qualifies, follow these instructions

Qualified Sites

The following sites (in no particular order) have met the criteria of having real content on a majority of their pages. Many of them proudly display the Not Just Links symbol on their home page.

General Sites

Family Specific Sites

Commercial Sites



How to Qualify

This program works on the Honor System. You know your own site and the composition of the pages. If a majority of them have real content, follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the Not Just Links image at the top of this page. (To download single click on the image, and using the right mouse key, select "Save Picture As".

  2. Upload the image to your web site's server location.

  3. Add the code below somewhere on your home page (We suggest somewhere where it is readily visible). Please do NOT put our symbol on your awards page. Not Just Links is not an award program.

  4. Send us an e-mail so we can verify that you qualify.
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