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106th Regiment Colored Infantry

This regiment, composed of four companies, was organized at Decatur, Ala., from March 31 to August 10, 1864, as the 4th regiment Alabama infantry, a.d. [African Descent], to serve three years. Its designation was changed to 106th regiment U.S. colored troops May 16, 1864. It was consolidated with the 40th regiment U.S. colored troops November 7, 1865.


[not listed]

Lieutenant Colonel

[not listed]


[not listed]


Frederick Hoesman, 2 November 1864
George L. Searle, 22 November 1864
Zene Harlan, a.w.m.
Andrew Poe, a.w.m.

First Lieutenants

Robert H. Turner, 26 June 1864
John W. Sidwell, R.Q.M.
H.M. Ferrell, 22 September 1864
Benjamin Beeson, a.w.m.
Edward Clifford, a.w.m.

Second Lieutenants

B.F. Woods, 15 August 1864


[not listed]

Assistant Surgeons

[not listed]


[not listed]

Additional Information on the 106th Regiment


  • Second Lieutenant William M. Sosman, 15 May 1865

    DESERTED (2.)

  • Second Lieutenant James H. Green, 2 September 1865
  • Second Lieutenant Felix Van Esmie, 20 June 1865
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