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Passenger List of Anne - 1623

The ship Anne arrived at Plymouth in July 1623. Many of the passengers were wives and children of the men who came on the Mayflower and Fortune.

Annable, Anthony (brought wife Jane, and two children)

Bangs, Edward  (brought wife Lydia, and sons Jonathan and John.)

Bartlett, Robert (married Mary Warren, daughter of Richard Warren of the Mayflower)

Becket, Mary  (later married Mayflower passenger George Soule.)

Brewster, Patience (child of Mayflower passenger William Brewster, married Fortune passenger Thomas Prence.)

Brewster, Fear (child of Mayflower passenger William Brewster married Mayflower passenger Isaac Allerton.)

Clark, Thomas

Conant, Christopher

Cooke, Mrs. Hester  (wife of Mayflower passenger Francis Cooke.)

Dix, Anthony

Faunce, John

Flavel, Mrs. Elizabeth  (wife of Fortune passenger Thomas Flavel.)

Flood, Edmond

Fuller, Mrs. Bridget  (wife of Mayflower passenger Samuel Fuller.)

Godbertson, Godbert (brought wife Sarah [sister of Isaac Allerton], and step-daughters Mary and Sarah Priest)

Hatherley, Timothy

Heard, William

Hicks, Mrs. Margaret  (wife of Fortune passenger Robert Hicks.)

Hilton, Mrs.  (wife of Fortune passenger William Hilton, brought children Mary and William.)

Holman, Edward

Kempton, Manasseh

Long, Robert

Mitchell, Experience

Morton, Thomas Jr.

Newton, Ellen  (married Fortune passenger John Adams; m2. Kenelm Winslow brother Edward Winslow)

Oldham, John  (brought wife, and sister Lucretia who married Jonathan Brewster son of Mayflower passenger William Brewster)

Palmer, Mrs. Frances (wife of Fortune passenger William Palmer)

Penn, Christian  (married Mayflower passenger Francis Eaton and married 2nd Mayflower passenger Francis Billington)

Pratt, Joshua

Rand, James

Ratcliff, Robert

Snow, Nicholas (married Mayflower passenger Constance Hopkins)

Southworth, Alice (Carpenter) (married Mayflower passenger William Bradford)

Sprague, Francis (came with wife Anna, and daughter Mercy.)

Standish, Mrs. Barbara (married shortly after arrival Mayflower passenger Myles Standish.)

Tilden, Thomas (came with wife and child.)

Tracy, Stephen (came with wife Tryphosa, and child.)

Wallen, Ralph  (came with wife Joyce)

Warren, Mrs. Elizabeth  (wife of Richard Warren, who came on Mayflower. Brought their daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, and Abigail.)

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